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Remove multiple columns in your data using the Select tool.

Keep only specified columns in your data by removing multiple columns in your data.

When to use this tool

Use when you want to remove a lot of columns.

If you want to remove only a few columns, use the Drop tool.


The Select tool requires one data input.


Use the following configuration options to help create your Select configuration.

Configuring the Select tool
  1. In Pipe builder, add your data source.

  2. Click symon_add_icon.png +Add Tool.

  3. Click See all tools.

  4. In the search bar, search for Select. Click Add tool.


    You can also find the Select tool in the Clean section.

  5. Connect the tool to your data set.

  6. In the configuration pane, enter the following information:

    Table 46. Select tool configuration



    Columns to select

    Select the column(s) to keep in your data.