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Shortcut tips


Work faster and more efficiently in Symon.AI by using these shortcut tips.

Symon.AI has a number of keyboard shortcuts to help you work faster and more efficiently.

Whether you're adding a chart or a tool, if an existing tool on the canvas was already selected, then:

  • A newly added tool will be connected to the selected tool.

  • The chart configuration screen will use the selected tool as its source.

In the Add tool menu, start typing the first few letters of the tool name and press tab to auto-complete. Then start typing the name of the column you want to use and press tab to auto-complete.

You can do this for these tools:

  • Histogram

  • Drop

  • Predictor

  • Classifier

  • Regressor

  • Limit

  • Sample

  • Rename

You can also use these keyboard shortcuts on the canvas:

  • Use tab to auto-complete when adding a tool.

  • To delete a tool, select the tool and press delete.

  • Use shift to select multiple tools at once. Hold down shift and either click or drag your mouse over the tools to move, copy, or delete.

  • When configuring an app, you can press tab to navigate through the fields in each section.

  • To toggle in or out of the Notes' drag and drop mode:

    • If you are using a Windows OS, press ctrl + K.

    • If you are using a Mac OS, press command + shift + K.

  • To undo an action, press ctrl + Z.

  • To redo an action, press ctrl + Y.