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Welcome to Symon.AI where you can work with data like a data expert.

Welcome to Symon.AI! Use Symon.AI to deliver powerful predictive and prescriptive insights using a cloud-based no-code AutoML platform. Symon.AI enables anyone, from business analysts to finance managers, to work with data like an expert together with their teams.

Here's how to get started:

  1. Review the system requirements.

  2. See the Pipe builder interface and learn how to use the pipe builder.

  3. Learn about Dashboards.

  4. Learn about Chart visualizations.

  5. Learn how to import your data and browse our connectors and export connectors.Connect to your data

  6. Learn about your organization settings for users, the Scheduler and the Audit log.

  7. Learn about obfuscating your data.

  8. Build your first pipe and create an export.

You can also take Symon.AI's course on the Overview of Symon.AI for business users to learn all about how Symon.AI works!