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Summarize data by aggregating.

Summarize data by aggregating.

The aggregate operations are: MAX, MIN, COUNT, SUM, AVERAGE, MEDIAN, OR, AND, and STDEV.

You can use the OR and AND functions only with columns that contain Boolean values. The tool returns TRUE if:

  • OR is used and at least one record is true.

  • AND is used and all records are true.


You can use the COUNT operation without selecting an aggregate column.

When to use this tool

Use this tool when you want to:

  1. Perform an aggregate operation on a column.

  2. Arrange data into groups.

  3. Arrange your data into groups AND apply an aggregate operation.


Let's use the aggregate tool to return the total row count for our data set.

  1. Leave the Grouped columns and Aggregate columns fields blank.

  2. Type a name for the new column.

  3. In the Operation field, select COUNT.