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Download formats


Download pipe data in a compressed file format or chart visualizations.

You can download pipe data in a zipped .csv file format or visualizations in a .PNG or .PDF format.

When the files are downloading, the following may occur:

  • If the filename starts with a dot (.) , it changes to underscore (_).

  • A filename with the following characters change to an underscore:

    • ~

    • *

    • \

    • |

    • :

    • "

    • &

    • ;

    • ?

    • /

Downloading files from the Pipe page
  1. On the Pipe page, select the pipe that you want to download your data from.

  2. In the pipe on the Build tab, click Select a tool.

  3. Select the data that you want to download.

  4. After the data loads, click Download.

    The data downloads as a zipped .csv file to your local drive.


    You can also retrieve the download from the Status menu. Click the Status icon and find your file. Click Download.