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Use tools to add data, predict, prepare, clean and more to build your pipe.

Build your pipe using various tools available to add data, predict, prepare, and clean. We have many different types of tools to choose from and get the most out of your data:

  • Basic tools, the most common tools that you will use.

  • Predict tools to create models that tell you the likelihood of an outcome.

  • Preparation tools to ensure that your data is ready before transforming your data.

  • Group tools to organize or categorize your data.

  • Comparison tools to rank or sort your data.

  • Cleaning tools to clean up data before you can effectively use it.

  • Text tools to analyze or transform text columns.

  • Date tools to add or change date columns.

  • Compute tools to transform your data or add new columns using formulas.

  • Understand tools to gain a better understanding of your data through segmentation or by identifying outliers.

  • Connection tools to bring in third-party data.

  • Encoding tools to categorize values into numeric values.

  • Sample data tools to explore Symon.AI or prepare a pipe before you bring in your own data.

  • Optimization tools to effectively balance and designate data.