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Text classifier


Train the model to label text columns from examples.

Train the model to label text columns from examples.

This tool looks at all the available text classifier tools and picks the best one.


The speed and quality slider is more of a spectrum. This setting determines the number of machine learning models considered. Models that do not support the training data are automatically excluded.

This tool adds two columns to your data: a prediction and a probability. The probability is the likelihood that the prediction is accurate.

When you run the tool, the data is automatically split: 80% of the data is used for training. The remaining 20% is used for testing. Each model being considered is trained and evaluated to select the one with the best score. This is done 5 times to predict the test values (the 20% of your data). The final score is the average of all 5 scores.

When to use this tool

Use when you want to predict values.