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Running total


Calculate an accumulating total for a column.

Adds a new column that returns the running total of the value of columns you specify.

The result is sorted based on another column you specify.

Group by is an optional configuration.

When to use this tool

Use when you want to calculate an accumulating total for a column.


The Running total tool requires one data input.


Use the following configuration options to help create your Running total configuration.

Configuring the Running total tool
  1. In Pipe builder, add your data source.

  2. Click symon_add_icon.png  +Add Tool.

  3. Click See all tools.

  4. In the search bar, search for Running total. Click Add tool.


    You can also find the Running total tool in the Calculate section.

  5. Connect the tool to your data set.

  6. In the configuration pane, enter the following information:

    Table 40. Running total tool configuration



    Value columns

    Select the column that you want to calculate an accumulating total for.

    Group columns

    Select the column(s) to group in to.

    Sort by

    Select the column to sort by.

    Ascending - Descending

    Toggle to switch to sort your data either in ascending or descending order.