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Limit data set size


Limit the size of your data when working with large data sets using some of our tools, such as limit, drop and sample.

You may experience some difficulties working with large data sets, such as slow predictions. To make data easier to work with, you can use some of the tools in Symon.AI to limit the size of your data.

Examples of these tools include:


Limit the number of rows in your data. Starting from the first row in your data, the tool keeps the number of rows you specify.


Randomly select a smaller number of rows from your data.


Remove columns from your data.

Remove outliers

Remove rows from your data with extreme values.

Remove empty

Remove rows that contain empty data in the columns you specify.


Randomly divide a data set into 2 smaller sets determined by the percentage you specify.

You can see the top output in the data viewer.

The bottom node is the remainder of the data.