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Export results to another pipe builder or a connector.

Export results to another pipe builder or a connector.


If you don't have any connectors set up, you can still export your data into either a csv or excel file.

When to use this tool

There are two scenarios where you'll need to use Export:

  • When you want to use the data in another pipe.

  • When you want to export data to a connector like Incentives.


    If you are using a Symon.AI calculation in Incentives, use the Export to CSV option when you export.

Export data

With the Export tool, you can export your data to a connector or into a csv or excel file format.

Exporting your data
  1. In your pipe, add the Export tool.

  2. Click on the Export tool node.

  3. In the Connection drop-down, select where to export your data:

    • Output to CSV

    • Output to Excel

    • Any other previously set up connector.


    You can also set up a new connection. Click + New connection, and follow the prompts.

  4. Click Export now. Follow the wizard prompts to export your data.


    You can also schedule your exports. For more information, see Schedule data.