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Connect your Symon.AI and HubSpot accounts to import your data.

Connect your Symon.AI and HubSpot accounts to import your data.


Ensure that you use your HubSpot Super Admin account. This Super Admin account saves HubSpots permissions and is able to create a new HubSpot connection in Symon.AI. Once a HubSpot connection is created, any Symon.AI user in your organization can use the connections, even if they don't have their own HubSpot account.

  1. In Symon.AI navigate to the Data tab.

  2. Click Import Data and select HubSpot from the list of third-party sources.

  3. If you are not already logged into HubSpot you will be prompted to log in.

  4. Once you are logged in, Symon.AI will ask you which HubSpot account you would like it to connect to. Select the account, and then click Choose Account.

  5. You will be redirected to an app approval page, where you must select Connect Apps to connect Symon.AI to HubSpot.

  6. After you allow Symon.AI to access your HubSpot account, you can view Symon.AI in your connection list.

    1. Go to your user icon. Click Profile and Preferences.

    2. Click Account Setup.

    3. Click Integrations.

    4. Click Connected Apps.

      You should see Symon.AI listed as a connection. If the connection is not there, recreate a HubSpot connection in Symon.AI to import from HubSpot.

You will now be able to use HubSpot as a third party source for data imports.

Importing Data from HubSpot

Once you've connected Symon.AI and HubSpot, you can begin importing data from HubSpot.

  1. Within Symon.AI's Data tab, select Import Data.

  2. Select HubSpot, found under the third party sources.

  3. Select the HubSpot connection you wish to pull data from.

  4. Select the start date, click Next.

  5. Select the data sets you would like to import, click Next.

  6. Choose the columns you would like to import, select whether you would like to hide or obfuscate the values for the columns. Click Next.

  7. Review the data for import, click Import to complete the import.

  8. The imported HubSpot data will be visible on your My Data page.

Error handling

The following errors may appear during the import process:



Import failed with the following Hubspot error: message

For more information, see: API Error Responses.

You have reached your ten_secondly_rolling limit.

The error may occur if too many Hubspot tables are selected to import the same time after discovery. Hubspot limits the API calls per user request every 10 seconds.

To fix this error, limit the number of tables you import at once. Decreasing the number of data sets you import simultaneously will help.