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Using the Pipe builder


Import data, set up a pipe and create your first export.

Use the pipe builder to transform or clean up your data. You can import data, set up a pipe and create your first export.


Symon.AI works best with the Google Chrome browser. Learn more about the system requirements.

Importing data

Before you can work with a pipe, you need to import some data to work with. Learn more...


Ensure that all data is within the supported date range. Dates must be between 1677-09-2100:12:43.145224193 and 2262-04-11 23:47:16.854775807. Dates entered outside of this range will not be recognized and may cause errors.

  1. In the Pipe builder toolbar, click + Tool.

  2. In the search bar, type "Data". Click + Add tool. The Data tool is added to your pipe.

  3. From the Configure menu, choose one of the following options to add data to your pipe:

    • Import a local file by dragging the file onto the page.

    • Click Select data source from the drop-down menu, and then select the file you want to import.

    • Click Import data to import data from a third party. Select one of the options and then follow the steps to set up the connection for that third party.

Updating a pipe with revised data

When you change the input in a pipe, we invalidate the last build. You can either build the pipe again, or the export will trigger a build before exporting. If the pipe has never been built and you try to export the data with the revised data, it will trigger a build first, before you can export.

Setting up a pipe

After you import your data, you can use it in your pipe. Use the data to transform or clean up your data. Learn more...

  1. In the Pipe builder, start either typing the tool name or click + Add tool.

  2. In the Configure menu, follow the prompts to set up the tool.


    Add as many tools as you require to the pipe.

Creating an export

After you set up your pipe, you're ready to export the data. You can export data from your pipe or from the Exports page. Learn more...

  1. In the Pipe builder, add the Export tool by either typing export or click + Add tool.

  2. In the Export configuration, click the Connection drop-down.

    • For a new connection, click + New connection. You're redirected to the Create a connection page. Follow the prompts to create an export connection.

    • For an existing connection, select the option from the drop-down.

  3. Click Export now to export immediately, or Schedule export to schedule the export at a later time.