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Export to Incentives


Set up the connection with Symon.AI and Varicent Incentives to export your results.

Set up a connection between Symon.AI and Incentives to export your results.

Before you begin

Before you can export results to Incentives, you need to set up the connector for the model you want to send results to.


To speed up your export, use the Drop tool before using the Export tool to remove columns you don't need.

Exporting your data
  1. In the pipe builder, add the Export tool and change the connection type to your Incentives model.

  2. Type a name for the table.

    If you type a name that matches an existing table in your model, that table will update on a successful run. If that table does not exist, a new table will be created.

  3. In the Key columns field, select the primary keys for that table. Primary keys are unique identifiers. Tables in Incentives require at least one primary key.

    For a new table, you'll be defining the columns you want to use as primary keys.


    If your data set in Symon.AI doesn't contain unique identifiers, use the Record ID tool to add some and then set that new column as the key column.

    For an existing table, you must select the same primary key columns as defined by the Incentives table.


    If you are exporting to an Effective Dated table, your export must have a column named Effective_Start as a key column and a column named Effective_End.

  4. Click Export now.

    You can also schedule your exports. For more information on scheduling exports, see: Schedule data.

If your export is successful, you should see these changes in Incentives:

  1. If the table doesn't already exist in your model, a new table is created. If the table does exist in your model, a check is performed against the table schema. Your export could fail against an existing table if the table schema does not match exactly.

  2. That table updates with the data from Symon.AI.