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Roster Validation


Currently, this Blueprint is only available to Varicent ELT and Varicent users. For more information, please contact the Varicent Support team.

Sometimes your Incentives roster and (SP) roster are not in sync. The Roster Validation pipe shows how to identify four kinds of potential validation errors, organized into four different groups or branches. You can export the roster issues for further action.

This pipe expects two input data sets:

  • ICM Roster.csv (Data), the roster data coming from Incentives.

  • SP Roster (Data), the roster data set coming from SP.

Pipe flow

The roster data from Incentives and SP are brought into the canvas, ICM Roster.csv (Data) and SP Roster (Data). Then, their respective columns are tagged based on the original source.

Next, four evaluations which compare the Incentives roster to the SP roster are done. For clarity, branches responsible for each validation have their tools grouped and color-coded.

Role change branch

This branch contains four tools total. Case 1: Find Role Changes (Combination Matcher) uses Symon.AI's combination matcher to match Incentives records (the top input) and SP records (the bottom input) using Payee IDs \Territory Owner and Job Title as the matching columns.

Records from SP which do not have a match in SP will result in the "Match?" column having a FALSE result. These are records that do not have the same job title in SP as they do in Incentives.

To remove false positive mismatches, we use the Remove Territory Owners who are new (Join) tool to join the data back to the original Incentives roster, with an inner join on the Payee\Territory Owner IDs.

In this example, this flow removes new hires that are not yet appearing in Incentives, as our SP system is updated with new hires first.  Territory Owners who are expected to change roles (Case) tags the mismatch errors with the "Payee changing roles" reason for any records that have null "Match IDs".

Payees left branch

This branch contains three tools in total.

Incentives Payees who have left (Filter) is a filter tool that finds any Incentives Payees with a non null effective end date. This is then joined to the SP dataset using the Combination Matcher tool to identify the Territory Owner IDs which have left the organization according to the Incentives roster: Case 2: Find Territory Owners who have left (Combination Matcher).

The resulting roster mismatch records are those that end up with a "TRUE" in the "Match?" column. These are records that have effective end dates in the Incentives roster but are appearing in the SP roster. We tag these records with "Payee has left" as the reason for the validation error: Payees who have left (Case).

New hires branch

This branch contains two tools. Case 3: Find new hires missing in Incentives(Combination Matcher) tries to find matches between the ICM and SP roster through Symon.AI's Combination Matcher. The columns to match are Incentives PayeeID and SP Territory Owner. The resulting mismatches will have FALSE "Match?" value, and a null "Match ID". This represents Territory Owner values from the SP roster that do not have a corresponding value in PayeeID in the Incentives roster. These are presumably new hires that are in the sales planning system but not yet in the Incentives system.

We tag these mismatches with "Payee missing in Incentives " as the reason: Payees Missing in Incentives (Case).

Moving countries branch

This branch contains two tools. It is the fourth and final roster validation case, dealing with payees who are moving countries.  

Case 4: Find Payees who are moving Countries (Combination Matcher) tags records with a TRUE or FALSE value in the "Match?" column by comparing the PayeeID and Currency in each Incentives roster record and trying to match with a row in the SP roster that has matching Territory Owner and Quota Currency values.  

Records in the SP roster that have mismatched currencies are tagged with the "Payee moving countries" reason for the roster validation error: Territory Owners expected to move countries (Case) .

Union and export

After all four roster validations are carried out, we use the union tools to merge the mismatch records back together: Union Union Union .

The Incentives Roster Issues List (Remove Empty) tool keeps only the records that have a non-empty value in the "Reason" column.  

This leaves the records that have failed one of the four roster validation cases, which we then export for further review and action: Export for further action (Export).