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Identify new hires


Add new hires in Incentives to identify and validate new hires in Symon.AI.

Create a table to add new hires in Incentives and validate that these new employees do not exist in the system.

This pipe expects two input data sets:

  • New Hires (Data) is new employee data provided by the company.

  • All Employees (Data) is the existing employee data in Incentives

  1. Perform a left anti join between New Hires (Data) and All Employees (Data).

    This allows you to check the data to see if the new employees were added to Incentives.

  2. Use the New Hire (Select) tool to select only the necessary columns and add in a column of the current date to indicate the most recent iteration on the new hires, Add In Current Date (Formula).

    The new hire table is ready for export to Incentives. Export To Incentives (Export)