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Use the SFTP connector to connect your data to Symon.AI.

Use the SFTP connector to connect your data to Symon.AI.


We auto-detect encoding, but if we can't detect a data set's file encoding, we will automatically use UTF-8 encoding.

Importing data
  1. In Symon.AI, go to the Data tab.

  2. Click Import data.

  3. In the Third party sources section, click SFTP.

  4. Click New connection.


    If you already have an established SFTP connection, you will skip to the Select data page to import new data.

  5. On the Connect to your Model page, enter the following information to connect:

    Table 19. SFTP connector



    Connector name

    The name of the connection.


    The host name for the connection.


    The port number.


    The user name to access the connection.


    The password to access the connection.

  6. Click Next.

  7. On the Select data page, choose the file from the Directory drop-down field.


    If you choose a .csv file, select the CSV Delimiter from the drop-down field.

  8. Click Next.

  9. On the Choose data sets page, select which data sets that you want to include.

  10. On the Obfuscate data page, select the data sets that you want to conceal. Click Next.

  11. On the Review page, review the data sets that you want to import.


    You can also change the name of the data sets before you import the data. Click the pencil icon pencil_icon.png to edit the text field.

  12. Click Import data.

    The information is available on the My data page.