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Customize chart visualizations


Customize chart visualizations to suit your visual needs.

Symon.AI has a variety of visualizations to explore or share your data in chart form. You can customize charts to suit your visual needs.

Customizing chart visualizations
  1. In Symon.AI, go to the Pipes page and select a pipe.

  2. On the toolbar, click the Chart button.


    If you don't have any charts created, click Create Chart. After you create your chart, you can customize it.

  3. Go to the Customize tab and select any of the following options to customize your chart:

    Table 44. Customization options



    Chart and title axis

    Include the chart title, subtitle, horizontal and vertical axis titles. You can angle the horizontal and vertical axis titles to any angle, such as a 45-degree angle. Change the left, right, top or bottom margins.


    Use the color picker to customize the color of your data. You can also add effects such as gradient or shadows for bubble and bubble single axis charts.


    Include a legend for your data and choose the position, such as top, middle or bottom and place it in the center, right, or left.