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Symon.AI help center

Add calculation


Create a pipe in Symon.AI with data mapped to Varicent ICM before adding a Symon.AI calculation.

Once the integration is set up in your model, you will see a new object in the Composer module's palette: a Symon.AI calculation.

Before adding a Symon.AI calculation, you must have a pipe set up in Symon.AI with data that you can map to the Varicent ICM source you want to use. Your pipe must also include an export tool.


Make sure the export tool uses the Export to CSV option.

  1. In the Composer module, select Symon from the Palette in the sidebar.

  2. Type a name and description for the calculation and click Save.

  3. On the Data Sources tab, add the data source you want to use for the Symon calculation.


    You can only select one data source for Symon calculations.

  4. On the Source to Pipe Mapping tab, select a Symon pipe and data tool.

  5. Map the data source columns to the data tool columns from Symon.

  6. On the Pipe to Result Mapping tab, select an Export tool from your Symon pipe and then map the columns you want to appear in the export.

  7. Click Finish.


After you run a calculation, you can see the results of your Symon calculation or use it as a source in another Varicent ICM calculation.

You can run an individual calculation on the Symon calculation or run a full model calculation.

When you run a calculation that includes the Symon calculation, it's as if you're doing a Run action against that Symon pipe. The data goes into Symon, runs through the pipe, and then is sent back to Varicent ICM as one operation.