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Add another data set to an existing one by appending columns.

Input and output

To use this tool, you need two data sets.

When you run this tool, it appends columns to the primary data set based on the secondary data set.

When to use this tool

Use when you need to combine two data sets.

If you want to combine data sets but restrict it to only matching columns, use the Union tool instead.

Select the join type to combine columns:

  • Left: Values appear in the left data set output when joined, regardless of a match.

  • Right: Values appear in the right data set output when joined, regardless of a match.

  • Inner: Values must exist and match in both data sets for the results to appear in the output.

  • Left anti: Values from the left table that don’t have any matching rows from the right table appear in the output.

  • Full outer: Returns all records in both the top (Left) and bottom (Right) data sets, regardless of a match.


You have two data sets. The Contract ID column from the top and bottom data sets are the related columns that will allow us to merge the top and bottom nodes together.