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Combination Matcher

Identifies if records from one data set match the approved combinations defined in the rule dataset. 

Input and output

This tool takes two data sets. You can select the data source with the combinations to be used for matching, and this is the data Symon.AI will use to match and join the two data sets.

When configuring the tool, you can select which columns you want to check for exact value matches.

The output contains all records from the data set, plus an additional column indicating if one record matches any combination. The value will be "True" or "False".

When the ID Column is selected, an additional column will display the combination ID when a record matches a combination. If the record does not match any combination, the value will be empty.

When to use this tool

Use this tool when you want to compare two data sets to find matching values.


Let's say you have two data sets. The first contains a list of online t-shirt orders, and the other contains the collections available for the season.

Using Combination Matcher, you can identify the orders you can fulfill based on the matched values between the two data sets, such as the t-shirt color and size.