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Bring an output from another pipe into your current pipe.

Bring an output from another pipe into the current pipe.

Input and output

The number of inputs and outputs feeding into the Pipe tool must be the same. You must also have the same column types, column names, and number of columns on the inputs as you have on the output pipe.


Let's say you want to bring an output from pipe "Function" into your current pipe, "Sandbox". There are three things you need to make sure of:

  1. "Function" begins with a placeholder data set, and ends with an Export tool.

  2. Pipes "Function" and "Sandbox" have the same number of inputs and outputs. If there is one input to the Pipe tool in "Sandbox", there should be one placeholder data set in "Function".

  3. The placeholder data sets in "Function" share the same column names, types, and counts as the inputs to the Pipe tool in "Sandbox".

When to use this tool

Use when you want to bring in data from another pipe or re-use a portion of pipe logic in more than one workbench.


When building pipes, anything connected by a Pipe tool will be built together.