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Label your data in a specific way using the Case tool.

Adds a label to data according to logical tests.

To add labels to your data:

  1. Pick a name for the new column.

  2. Select the default value. if the logical test fails, the default value is used instead.

  3. Select any number of values. If the logical test succeeds, then one of these values is used.

You can set as many logical tests as you'd like, but there can be only 1 default value.

When to use this tool

Use when you want to label your data in a specific way.

The Case tool supports both filter and formula expressions, with the filter function as the default. You can switch between the two functions as necessary.

With the filter function, you can select a column to filter and then choose the filter category and value or text. You can use AND or OR statements to filter. For more information about the Filter functions, see Filter.

With the formula function, you can apply a formula to the data. For more information about the Forumla functions, see Formula.

Error messaging

The Case tool can find the following errors in your data set:

  • Syntax error: An unknown function is occurring, or the function cannot parse due to a special character, or a missing bracket.

  • Invalid argument error: The tool detects that the argument is invalid due to a wrong data type.

  • Too many arguments error: The tool detects that there are too many arguments.

  • Missing arguments error: The tool detects that there are arguments missing from the range of the number of arguments.

  • Unsupported data type error: The tool detects an unsupported data type. The Formula tool only accepts number, boolean, string, and date data types.