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Loved it before? Wait until you see it now!

Configure simple filters with the Filter tool

We've made the Filter tool easier to use! We've added a simpler version so you can configure your basic filters quickly and easier. You can still use the advanced version for more complex configurations.


Aggregate tool gets more functionality

We've added a new function in the Aggregate tool. You can now use it to calculate the Standard Deviation (STDEV) of a column to understand the variability in a column. For example, if you want to do a comparison of the variability of different compensation plans and the plan components to see if any have either a very low or a very high STDEV.

New look for the navigation bar

We've moved the navigation bar so you can access it more easily! See all the menu options at a glance. We love improving your Symon.AI experience!


SFTP Connector gets updated capability

We've enabled the SFTP import connector to support column type changes during the import process.