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Symon.AI Release 3.9.0

It's brand new and all for you

and we think you'll love it!

New Connect tool on the pipe workspace menu

We've added a way to connect your tools from the menu. Use the Connect tool to draw edges on a tool and connect to another tool on your canvas. Connect tools in large pipes and offscreen with ease!


New Getting started page

We've been busy and created a new Symon.AI Getting started landing page.

We've got some new blueprints!

We've been busy! We've added a new solutions category, Extract, Load, Transform (ELT) which includes three new blueprints:

  • Roster validation

  • Order validation

  • Record ID and adjustment


Currently, this solution is only available to Varicent ELT and Varicent users. For more information, please contact the Varicent Support team.

Loved it before? Wait until you see it now!

Configure simple filters with the Filter tool

We've made the Filter tool easier to use! We've added a simpler version so you can configure your basic filters quickly and easier. You can still use the advanced version for more complex configurations.


Aggregate tool gets more functionality

We've added a new function in the Aggregate tool. You can now use it to calculate the Standard Deviation (STDEV) of a column to understand the variability in a column. For example, if you want to do a comparison of the variability of different compensation plans and the plan components to see if any have either a very low or a very high STDEV.

New look for the navigation bar

We've moved the navigation bar so you can access it more easily! See all the menu options at a glance. We love improving your Symon.AI experience!


SFTP Connector gets updated capability

We've enabled the SFTP import connector to support column type changes during the import process.

We crushed some bugs!

and boy are we so happy that we did:


Bug number

Fixed an issue where the run fails on publish with an unknown error encountered message.


Resolved an issue where an error was thrown when importing from SFTP.


Fixed an issue where Snowflake import failed for large volumes of data.