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Symon.AI Release 3.8.0

We made something for you...

and we think you'll love it.

New public encryption key and capabilities

We've added a public key for encryption and encryption capabilities! These capabilities are for data security protection and decrypting incoming encrypted data.


Introducing our newest connector!

We've added another option for you to connect your data. You can now use the REST API connector to import your data to Symon.AI.

Hierarchy Validator spots any issues for you!

We're excited that we added the Hierarchy Validator tool to our toolbox! See which rows are a problem in your data that could break your hierarchy. Now you can see what the call to action is, clean the errors and upload your data for a clean copy!


It's even better now

We took the time to revamp some of the things you already love.

Formula tool has more functions

We've added two new functions to the Formula tool, min() and max(), so you can identify either the maximum or minimum values between different columns. Now you don't have to write multiple statements in the formula tool, we love making things easy for you!

And a new look for the Aggregate tool!

We've been busy updating the look of the Aggregate tool to make it easier to use!


Hierarchy tool has new enhancements!

We've been working hard to give you more bang for your buck with the Hierarchy tool! We've made it so we now allow users to select a column name and we included error handling so you can identify any problematic rows and fix the issue.

The Unique tool has more power

We've enhanced the Unique tool to let you remove duplicates on specific columns, instead of the entire data set. Select and deselect columns that you want to include. Then, the Unique tool finds all of the unique rows with the configured columns! Look at how simple that is.

A new look for the Command modal

We've updated the look and feel of the Command modal! When you add tools to your pipe, each tool has a brief description and an image to show an example of what the tool can do. You can access the documentation in two places if you want more information. We love making things easy to use and attractive on the eyes!

Crushed some bugs!

and boy, are we sure glad that we did:


Bug number

Fixed an issue where users couldn't generate an API key.


Resolved an issue where decimal data was not appearing properly in a Table visualization.