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Symon.AI Release 3.42.0


Release notes for the Symon.AI 3.42.0 release.

Release notes for the Symon.AI 3.42.0 release.

We made something for you...

and we think you’ll love it.

Export email notifications

We've been busy! If you have administrator privileges, you can now set notifications to get emails about your exports. You can opt to get notified for success and failed exports for both scheduled and manual exports. Learn more...

It’s even better now.

We took the time to revamp some of the things you already love.

Importing data with a period in the column name

We're at it again! Symon.AI users using the Incentives import connector, can now import data where there is a period . in the column name. These columns can then be transformed and used downstream.

We crushed some bugs!

And we're so happy that we did...


Bug number

Resolved an issue where users were experiencing issues where imports from Incentives to ELT was failing.


Fixed an issue where the OneDrive connector timed out preventing users from importing their data.


Resolved an issue where exports might fail with some SFTP servers.