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Symon.AI Release 3.33.0


Release notes for the Symon.AI 3.33.0 release.

Release notes for the Symon.AI 3.33.0 release.

Loved it before? Wait until you see it now.

We took the time to revamp some of the things you already love.

The Forecasting tool gets more power

We've added a new feature to the Forecasting tool. You can now use the Multivariate option, where you use multiple columns in your data to help forecast. This feature gives you the opportunity to forecast forwards with all of your data. Learn more...

We crushed some bugs!

and we're so happy that we did...


Bug number

Answered an inquiry where imports in Incentives from Symon.AI that were scheduled to occur one after the other in succession were failing. No fix required.


Answered an inquiry where imports using the SalesForce connector in Symon.AI were taking longer than expected. No fix required.


Resolved an issue where imports, exports, builds and downloads were not working properly.


Improved error messaging for when scheduled imports were failing with a "Data source not found" message.