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Symon.AI Release 3.32.0


Release notes for the Symon.AI 3.32.0 release.

Release notes for the Symon.AI 3.32.0 release.

We made something for you…

and we think you're going to like it!

New Word Frequency tool

Introducing the Word frequency tool! This tool performs a word frequency count across your data set, in a particular column.

For example, if you want to find out how many times the words Apple, Peach and Orange are listed in a particular column, run the tool and the results will show you:

Example of Word frequency

When using this tool, the text must be an exact match, but it can be case insensitive. Learn more...

Loved it before? Wait until you see it now.

We took the time to revamp some of the things you already love.

Smoother concurrent pipe builds

We've been busy! Running concurrent builds by multiple organization members is now a smoother process. Exports using the same data source without a refresh data request will run concurrently using the existing data source. Concurrent exports with refresh data requests will wait for the first data refresh to be completed, instead of throwing an error.

Added functionality for the Pipe tool

The Pipe tool is stronger than ever. We've added the following functionality to the Pipe tool:

  • Multi-input and column mapping

    Connect one or more data sources to the Pipe tool and select the data source to connect.

  • Select the output to connect to

    Connect your output to the node of your choice. For example if you have three outputs, you can specify which node to connect to, such as output 3.

  • View different data sources in the Row viewer

    Select any data sources configured in the Pipe tool to view in the Row viewer, instead of viewing the default output.

We crushed some bugs!

And we are so happy that we did...


Bug number

Fixed an issue where an error was thrown when trying to connect Symon.AI to the Microsoft Dynamics connector.


Resolved an issue where an export was failing with a bad request error.


Fixed an issue where scheduled exports were failing with a Data source not found error message.


Resolved an issue where users couldn't import data into Symon.AI with the Workday import connector.