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Symon.AI Release 3.27.0


Release notes for the Symon.AI 3.27.0 release.

Release notes for the Symon.AI 3.27.0 release.

It's brand new and all for you...

and we think you're going to love it!

New Microsoft OneDrive connector

We've done it again! We've added a new import connector for Microsoft OneDrive. You can now use Microsoft OneDrive to import your data to Symon.AILearn more...

It's even better now...

We took the time to revamp some of the things you already love.

Managed and available connectors

Introducing the new way we are organizing all of our connectors on the Import data page: Managed connectors and Available connectors.

Managed import connectors are ready-to-use self-service data connectors.

Available import connectors connect to your business system using REST API, and might require technical support.

Learn more...