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Symon.AI Release 3.20.0


Release notes for the Symon.AI 3.20.0 release.

It's even better now

We took the time to revamp some of the things you already love.

New Data profile recommendations

We've been busy! We've added new recommendations in the Data profile side bar. Open Data profile from the Row viewer and you'll get some recommendations of what to do next with your data! We love making your life easier.

Helpful tips in the Predict tool

We've added some helpful tips when using the Predict tool. If Symon.AI detects that the data is taking a long time to load, a suggestion appears of what you can do. For example, if you have empty columns in your data, the tip suggests that you can fill in the empty columns with data, such as 0 for numeric columns and NA for string columns.

New alert for empty rows in data

We've added an alert to help you when you have empty rows in your data. If Symon.AI detects extra rows at the top of your data, an inline alert is shown with the action you can take. If you choose to fix the issue, a modal opens where you can fix the empty rows in your data.

We crushed some bugs!

and we're so happy we did...


Bug number

Fixed an issue where the Concat formula in the Formula tool creates the wrong column type.




Resolved an issue where the Export tool configuration does not get saved.


Resolved an issue where importing data to Incentives using the Snowflake connector through Symon.AI drops leading zeros in the data.


Fixed an issue where accounts with special characters, such as é or â, would have failed to start a Varicent ICM import.


Resolved an issue where replacing a data set with a new one connected to Varicent ICM causes the build to fail.


Fixed an issue where nested pipe tools fail when building the pipe.