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Symon.AI Release 3.19.0


Release notes for the Symon.AI 3.19.0 release.

It's brand new and all for you!

and we think you'll love it.

Import refresh option

We're now supporting the option to refresh your imports on failed or cancelled data. On the Data page, any import that fails or you cancel, you will get the option to refresh the import. When you refresh the data, your import retries to load again.


New chart tile

We've added a new tile to the Get started page to help you make a chart! Click the tile and we take you to the Make a chart flow. Select your data, import the data and make the chart. We love making your life easier!


New recommendations in Data profile

We've added new recommendations in the side bar in Data profile. Open Data profile from the Row viewer and you will get some recommendations of what to do next with your data!

Loved it before? Wait until you see it now

Better error messages

We've been busy! Users will see more defined error messages when a build or export fails because an org has no credits left. You will also see these messages in the Exports page and in the audit log event description.

If you do run out of credits in the middle of a build or export, we now allow some buffer credits to complete the task. Talk about a winning situation!

Enhanced tool connections

Any tools that are disconnected within the pipe now have their incoming port to connect highlighted and have a clickable alert. We love making your life easier!


We crushed some bugs!

and we're so happy we did...


Bug number

Resolved an issue where empty data sources were breaking the pipe and causing data import to fail.



Fixed an issue where users were given an error when trying to view data on exports with no rows of data.