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Loved it before? Wait until you see it now!

We took the time to revamp some of the things you already love.

Additional support for the Formula and Case tools

We've also added some additional support for the Formula and Case tools. Now you can use numbers and text in the concat function and you can use numbers and dates in the min and max functions. We love expanding our functionality!

Formula tool gets a new function

We've been busy and added a couple of new functions in the Formula tool!

First, we added a function called pad() which allows users to easily add leading or trailing characters. The pad() function supports text and number data types.

Then, we took it further and added the MROUND() function, which returns a number rounded to the nearest multiple.

Full details gets a new name

We've changed the name of the Full details button in the row viewer to Data profile. We've also moved it's location to be near the Data and Stats tabs so you can access it easier!


When you open the Data profile option you are able to see your columns ordered based on your data.

Loading states get an update

We've been busy and improved the loading states! You'll see the fresh makeover when you do any of these actions: when you sign up for Symon.AI, create a pipe for the first time, including

  • Sign up for Symon.AI for the first time.

  • Create a pipe, including sample pipes, tutorials, and blank pipes.

  • Enter an existing pipe to work on.

Duplicate column names in uploads

No more errors! If you have any duplicate column names in your Excel or CSV files, Symon.AI allows the duplicates. Previously, an error would appear, but now a number appends at the end of the column name to distinguish the column.