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Release 3.3.0


Release notes for the Symon.AI 3.3.0 release.

We made something for you...

and we think you'll love it.

New third-party connectors are here!

We've added the following new connectors so you can import your data to Symon.AI:

  • Amazon Redshift

  • AgentSync

  • Workday

We took it one step further, because we're cool like that, and dropped access for CSV and Excel uploads directly into the Data page's Third party sources section.


Excited for the export connector?

We are! We've made exporting data easier by reverse linking Salesforce and Symon.AI, you can now use your handy Salesforce connection to export data from Symon.AI back to Salesforce.

There's a new way to sign up to use Symon.AI

Signing up to Symon.AI has never been like this! Try it out, use your mobile device to sign up and verify your account.


It's even better now

We took the time to revamp some of the things you already love.

Working in your pipe just got faster and easier with collaboration

Your experience working in your pipe is hitting an entirely new level. Work with colleagues in pipes simultaneously, see who's working in the pipe and what tool they are working on as it is highlighted. What a great way to collaborate. With all of this productivity, you deserve a coffee break!

Dive deeper into your audit logs

Because we want to make your life easier, we have upgraded how you can filter the audit log. Filter more in-depth in any column. You want to see information for a certain date, week or month? We got you. You want to see actions from a specific user or system? We got you covered.

Our sample charts got a makeover

We decided to jazz up the dashboard icons, illustrations, and tiles for our sample charts. It really is a treat for your eyes, if we do say so ourselves.

Upgrades here for the Classifier tool!

Your Classifier data comes to life with the addition of the Tool window within the Row viewer. Read your data's accuracy and advanced scores, column importance, and smart excluded information in one easy to consume visual masterpiece.


No more guessing what password works best

How many times have you created a password only to get an error that it's not strong enough or you don't meet the right criteria? We hate that too, so we've added our password requirements to our password page to help you nail it the first time.

We had the bug zapper out…

and boy did we get rid of a bunch:

Issue Fixed

Bug Number

We fixed the ICM Varicent connector from disappearing with an error message of an API key invalid error message.

Resolved the Date Add tool from generating an error message in the Row viewer, causing no preview and failed builds.


We fixed the failed pipe runs in the Revenue Intelligence tools.


Resolved the Sad Platypus error when connecting the ICM Varicent connector.

We fixed the pipe build fails with state timeout error seen through AWS.


Resolved the Forecast Chart Confidence Interval that was showing NaN.

We fixed the failing Humana- Symon Object in ICM Varicent.


Resolved the issue when trying to import a particular datastore from ICM Varicent, the import failed with an unexpected error.


We fixed how the date type columns in the Row viewer adding an additional timestamp when viewed with the last build.


Resolved the Salesforce SFDC connection that was disconnecting with time passing and deleted the connection and data.

We fixed the pipe run failures with a spark error.


Resolved pipes duplicating and creating five unusable copies.

We fixed how the pipe update fails due to an out of memory error in the Segmentation tool.

Resolved importing sort calculations from SPM.