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3.3.2 Hotfix


Symon.AI 3.3.2 Hotfix release notes.

It's brand new and it's all for you

and we think you'll love it.

A new hierarchy tool is available!

We've been busy creating a new tool to help you create hierarchies for your data. Quickly define the parent-child relationships of your data within your pipes. If you're like us and like examples, the following example helps to show you how awesome this feature is.

If you want to create a hierarchy for your location information, you could organize it the following way:

  1. Top level (Parent): Worldwide

  2. Next level (Child): Country

  3. Next level (Child): State or Province

  4. Next level (Child) : Zip or Postal code

We zhuzhed it up a bit.

We took the time to revamp some of the things you already love.

We just increased your productivity

When you're in Symon.AI, we want you to be as productive as possible to get your job done. We don't want to distract you while you work, so we changed notifications. We removed the app recommendation notifications and the bell notification menu. We've updated the Status menu to be static instead of spinning when you're building your pipe. The pop-up messages from within the Status menu are also gone.