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Pipes page


The Pipes page contains all of your pipes and pipe folders.

The Pipes page contains all of your pipes and pipe folders.


A pipe is a workspace where you can perform data transformation, analytics and specify the source and destination. There are two kinds of pipes; Big pipe and Standard pipe. For more information on pipes, see the Pipe builder overview.

On the Pipes page, you can perform the following actions on each pipe. Click the menu.png icon:

  • View pipe

  • View charts

  • Share pipe

  • Schedule

  • Export

  • Copy

  • Set thumbnail

  • Move to folder

  • Delete

To update your pipe, click Edit.


This action takes you directly to the pipe.


You can sort your pipes in different ways:

  • Created on

  • Name

Sort each filter by either ascending or descending order.


Pipe folders give you a space to organize and manage your pipes.

When you open the Pipes page, in the Folders section, there is a default All folder. This folder contains every pipe available. If you chose to move a pipe to another folder, you can use the menu to move it, or drag and drop to a new folder.

You can also edit folder names or delete a folder.


Be careful when you delete a folder. All of the sub-folders and pipes associated with the folder that you want to delete, gets deleted too.