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Adding a pipe


Start by bringing in your data source, then you can transform or clean up your data.

To build a pipe, start by bringing in a data source. You can then transform or clean up your data. When you're ready to make a prediction, add a scoring tool to your pipe. The type of tool you use depends on what kind of values you're trying to predict.

  1. From the Pipes page, click + Create pipe. In the new pipe, click Add toolsymon_add_icon.png.


    If it's your first time using the pipe builder, try selecting Pipe builder tutorial instead. This will give you an overview of how the pipe builder works!

  2. Add data to your pipe by typing Data and then click Create.


    If you don't have your own data ready yet, we've got you covered! Start typing Sample customers and then click Create to add a sample data set to your pipe.

  3. To configure the Data tool, select a data source from the menu or start a new import.

  4. Add any additional tools by typing the tool name or clicking the Add button symon_add_icon.png.


    Symon.AI uses natural language processing in the Tool window, so you don't have to type the tool name exactly. For example, you can type Import to bring up the data tool.

  5. Add a predict tool to your pipe.


    If you're not sure which tool to use, just use Predictor for now!

  6. Connect the tools by clicking the Add button next to the tool name and dragging a line to the next tool.


    If you add a new tool while you have another tool selected, those tools will be connected automatically.

  7. Add an Export tool as the last tool in your pipe. You'll need this to create runs later on.

  8. Select any tools with orange dots beside the name and configure them in the sidebar.


    The pipe builder automatically saves the configuration.

    The configuration steps depend on the tool. For the Predictor tool, you must select the Target column. This is the column you want to predict values on. All the other configurations are optional for this tool.

  9. Click Build.


    Build your pipe often! Since builds are incremental, this ensures your pipe builds quickly.

    A calculation will start. You can see it in the Status menu. When the calculation finishes, a score appears beside the tool name.


Your pipe should have these 3 tools at a minimum: a data set, a predict tool, and an Export tool.


Tool recommendations

You can use tool recommendations to help you choose your next tool. Symon.AI shows users a recommended toolset based on the previous tool selection.

The recommendations appear when you do one of the following tasks:

  • Open the pipe builder with a tool selected.

  • Add a tool to an existing pipe with the Add tool button or by typing.