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Symon.AI help center

Symon.AI visualization

Use the Symon.AI visualizations feature to help you create and explore your data in a visual form. Use the Visualize page from your pipe to create visualizations.

Creating visualizations
  1. From the Pipes tab, click on an existing pipe or create a new one.


    For more information about how to create a new pipe, see Building your first pipe.

  2. Click the Visualize tab.

  3. Click Create chart/table.


    If you currently have a visualization for that pipe, you can still create a chart, table or dashboard. Click +Create new and select the option that you want to create from the drop down menu.

  4. Configure the visualization.

    1. Click Untitled to name the visualization.

    2. On the Setup tab, configure the following fields:


      Depending on the chart type, there will be more fields to configure. These fields are extra to the ones mentioned in the following table.

      Table 3. Setup tab configuration




      Select the tool that you want to use for the visualization.


      Select the data that you want to see, such as preview, last built or last run.

      Chart type

      Select the type of chart that you want to use. Choose from line, area, column, bar, pie, scatter, map, table, histogram, combo, candlestick, radar, waterfall, forecast, sankey, heatmap, and boxplot charts.

    3. On the Customize tab, configure the following settings:

      Table 4. Customize tab configuration



      Chart and axis titles

      Select the options that you want to include, Include chart title, Include chart subtitle, and Include horizontal axis title.

      Horizontal axis label angle

      Select the angle from 0 to 90 degrees.

      Include vertical axis title

      Select if you want to include a vertical axis title. If yes, give the axis a title.

      Vertical axis label angle

      Select the angle from 0 to 90 degrees.

      Left margin, Right margin, Top margin, Bottom margin

      Select the margin spacing for the left, right, top and bottom margins.


      Select the colours for your chart. Use the color picker or input a hex or RGBA number.


      Select Include legend to add a legend.


      Select the position for the legend. Choose from bottom left, bottom center, bottom right, middle left, middle right, top left, top center or top right.

The visualization is ready to explore.