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Audit log

The audit log is a place where users can go to view their pipe activity.

The audit log gives users the ability to do the following actions:

  • Filter events by date.


    The date displays the last week of events by default.

  • Filter the data by filter values and filter the Value filter.

  • Filter the data with the Pipe ID.

  • Reset any of the filters.

Using the Audit log
  1. In Symon.AI, click your user name.

  2. Click Organization settings.

  3. Click Audit log.

  4. Review the data. If desired, apply filters to refine the data.


    You can apply filters to one or more columns. Filter the date, category, event, pipe ID or user.

Audit log columns

The following table describes the fields in the Audit log:

Table 24. Audit log




The date selected to filter the data in the audit log. Choose from All, Today, Yesterday, Past week, Past month or Any range.


The category of the activity, such as chart, build, tools or run. Filter one or more of the activity types.


The status of the item, such as created, updated or deleted. Filter one or more of the event types.

Pipe ID

The Pipe ID associated with each event. Filter by the ID.


The description of the activity, such as "Build has begun for pipe Forecasting".


The email address, system, internal or scheduler that initiated the activity. Filter by one or more users.