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Obfuscation means making your data unintelligible or obscure. In Symon.AI, obfuscation is often done to protect personally-identifiable information. You have the ability to obfuscate your data by specifying which columns to include or exclude and which columns to make unintelligible as part of the import. For example, if you are importing data to use with the Gender Pay or Diversity app, you may want to obfuscate a column that contains names or a unique employee ID number that could be used to identify an individual.


A note about security: a flat file like a .csv or Microsoft Excel file is temporarily uploaded to cloud storage. Once obfuscation is complete, the original files are removed from cloud storage. If importing from a connector, the original files remain in the source application.

Obfuscating data

Before the data import completes, you must configure the incoming data. On the Configure data page during the import, you can click to choose Obfuscate all columns, or you can select certain columns to obfuscate.