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Symon.AI help center

Workday connector

Connect your Symon.AI and Workday accounts to import your data.

Importing data
  1. In Symon.AI, go to the Data tab.

  2. Click Import data.

  3. In the Third party sources section, click Workday.

  4. Click New connection.

  5. On the Connect to your Database page, enter the following information to connect:

    Table 21. Workday connector



    Connector name

    The name of the connection.


    The Workday domain name.


    The Workday tenant.


    The user name to access the connection.


    The password to access the connection.

    Country Code

    The country code for the data.

    Exclude Inactive Workers

    The option to exclude inactive workers.

    Exclude Contingent Workers

    The option to exclude contingent workers.

  6. On the Choose data sets page, select the set of data to include. Click Next.

  7. On the Obfuscate data page, select the data sets that you want to conceal. Click Next.

  8. On the Review page, review the data sets that you are importing.

  9. Click Import data.

    The data is available on the My Data page.