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Varicent ICM connector


Currently, this connector is only available to Varicent customer base. For more information, please contact the Varicent Support team.

Connect your Symon.AI and Varicent ICM accounts to import your data.


Ensure all data is within a date range between 1677-09-2100:12:43.145224193 and 2262-04-11 23:47:16.854775807. Symon.AI doesn't support dates outside of the date range. If the dates are outside of the date range, you could see the following behaviour:

  • The date range will show the wrong dates if you don't drop or obfuscate columns.

  • The date range will show blank dates if you drop or obfuscate columns.

Importing data
  1. In Symon.AI, go to the Data tab.

  2. Click Import data.

  3. In the Third party sources section, click Varicent ICM.

  4. Click New connection.

  5. On the Connect to your Model page, enter for the following information:

    Table 20. Varicent ICM



    Connector name

    The name of the connection.

    API Key

    The Varicent Incentive Compensation Management (ICM) API Key.


    The model name. Note: The model name is case sensitive.

    Domain Name

    The domain name that you use, such as

  6. Click Next.

  7. On the Choose data sets page, select the set of data to include. Click Next.

  8. On the Obfuscate data page, select the data sets that you want to conceal. Click Next.

  9. On the Review page, review the data sets that you are importing.

  10. Click Import data.

    The data is available on the My Data page.