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Symon.AI help center

Everything you need to know about Symon.AI

Who is Symon.AI for?

Symon.AI is perfect for everyday users and teams who are looking for a quick and easy way to understand their data.

What is Symon.AI?

Symon.AI is a state-of-the-art tool designed to help you turn your data into evidence to inform better decisions, without requiring coding knowledge. There are three main parts to Symon.AI:

  1. Pipe builder: A space to create your own pipes for advanced analytics. In the pipe builder, you can add tools to better understand and explore your data, such as filters, formulas, rules, joins, and predictors. Create charts in the pipe builder to visualize your data.

  2. Pre-built business applications: Benefit from the various applications such as How-to's, Extract, Load, Transform (ELT), Sales Compensation, Revenue Intellegence and Apps. These Blueprints are available depending on your plan.

  3. Connectors: Import and export your data through out-of-the-box connectors, such as Varicent Sales Planning and several common and popular business systems.

Why use Symon.AI?

Symon.AI empowers users without coding knowledge to connect to and explore their data. It allows teams to effortlessly forecast results, predict outcomes, and find outliers through the use of understandable data science.

Put simply, Symon.AI saves time. Watch our introduction video.

How does Symon.AI work?

Symon.AI allows users to build pipes and create a custom analysis of your data. You can use the scoring and forecasting tools in Symon.AI to make predictions from your data.

The apps produce out of the box insights for your data.

Pipe builder and pipes

A pipe builder is a workspace where you can create charts, perform data transformation, analytics and specify the source and destination.

A pipe helps clean and transform your data. There are two kinds of pipes; Big pipe and Standard pipe.

  • The Standard pipe is the most recommended pipe, useful for most scenarios as it is fast and efficient.

  • The Big pipe is useful for complex or high-volume data.

You can create charts in the pipe builder to visualize your data. Learn more...

For more information on the Pipe builder and pipes, see Pipe builder overview and Using the Pipe builder.


A build is the action of using the data set to show the most recent calculations. A preview of the built data set shows in the Row viewer. After you build your data, toggle between Preview to Last built to see the most up to date calculations.

For more information, see Builds.