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Symon.AI help center

Creating runs


Use the run tab to create a run to review, save or download your pipe results.

In Symon.AI, the Build tab always shows the most recent calculation. By using the Run tab, you can save those results so you can view or download them at any time. Even if you make changes to your pipe, you can go back and see your previous results.

Before you create a run, you should have built a pipe.

  1. In the Build tab, click Build.


    It's a good idea to build your pipe often! This helps keep your runs fast.

  2. Once the calculation has completed, go to the Run tab.

  3. If it's your first time creating a run, click Get started.

    • If you've already created a run, click New run.

  4. Type a name for your run.

  5. Select the type of export you want to use.


    If you haven't set up any connectors, you'll only see the default option: Export to CSV.

  6. Click Make runs.

Once the run successfully completes, you can download or view the data from that run.

If you're using a connector, that connector refreshes during a run. If you're using a connector as the export type, the new data is appended to the original source. For example, if you're using Google sheets, a new sheet will be created after a successful run.

Viewing a previous run

To view any of your previous runs, in the Run tab, click View all runs.